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The robot

At my job we have a robot cleaner.. We recently got it and it is a really, really smart thing and can clean the whole place by itself. All you have to do is to tell it once how it should clean and where by moving it with a joystick. Really simple actually. And you can teach it to clean more than one place if you want and need. You kind of make a schedule for the robot. And you can leave it unattended too. If something should happen to it it is connected to your cellphone. I don't ...

A good program

A few weeks ago I saw an item on the television about shareholder registrar. This program interested me. And I saw that this program broadcasts every week. I forgot about it the week after and this week I want it to see the program. But I could not find when it broadcasts also because I forgot how the program was called. How stupid of me. So that was the end of following an interested program. Instead of watching the television I read a book and that was also very relaxed. I felt asleep right after reading.